At EEK we’re driven by a fear.

We’re driven by a fear that the kids of today’s generation might never be confronted with or challenged by the real Jesus.

So that’s the Jesus we introduce them to.

The Jesus that we all love, and want kids to fall in love with too.

Equipping Every Kid is a children’s ministry curriculum that has grown out of East End Church, an inner city church in the heart of London’s east end. After years of sifting, adapting and re-writing materials we wrote our own. Since 2016 other London churches have been using and loving EEK. Now we want everyone to have the opportunity to try it.

‘We have found the ‘Equipping Every Kid’ curriculum to be exactly what we were looking for. It’s Bible-based, Gospel-centred, grace-rich and powerfully engaging. I would definitely recommend it as a resource to you and those you lead!’

Phil Moore
Lead Pastor, Everyday Church, London

Disengaged Kids?

You can connect with kids through humour and fun. EEK’s short visual teaching will; appeal to boys as well as girls, be accessible for urban, suburban, churched and unchurched kids and engage big or small groups

Encountering God?

You can be confident that God wants to meet kids. EEK points to a big God who knows and loves them. Get kids talking and listening to Him as they take Jesus into their everyday.

Weary Team?

You can be confident in a tried and tested curriculum that is innovative and easy to use. Access the EEK FB, Twitter and Instagram feeds to be encouraged, inspired and supported.

Tired of Sunday School?

Kids love the EEK ‘No School Rule’. The energetic and interactive content contains no worksheets and minimal writing. Encourage questions as you shock, excite and drive out misconceptions.

Don’t just take our word for it, read what churches across London are saying


We love connecting exciting themes to bible people, books and topics. Our content explores a wide breadth of the bible as it encourages kids to encounter Jesus, understand grace and be filled with the Holy Spirit. You can pick and choose from a variety of different EEK themes by visiting our online shop (opening soon).

Every EEK theme provides 10-12 weeks of content and is ideal for kids aged 5-11.
• A termly overview
• Carefully planned leaders notes
• Detailed 60/90 min itineraries
• Resource lists
• Practical top tips
• Simple creative games
• Advice on how to connect with parents/carers and wider church family

The Leader’s notes for each session are easy to use & only need a team of 2 or 3 leaders. Click the samples below to see what the content looks like & how it works.

Click here for a free sample



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