Bible Superheroes (Pre-School)


Our second preschool series unpacks the stories of 7 Old Testament Bible Superheroes, exploring how God can use ordinary sinful people because Jesus is the ultimate Bible Superhero. Discover how the Bible Superheroes all listened to God, and as our preschoolers play and pray they can listen to God too…
A God who wants to talk and listen to us, whatever our age.


  • Week 1: Noah
  • Week 2: Abraham and Sarah
  • Week 3: Joseph
  • Week 4: David
  • Week 5: Daniel
  • Week 6: Esther
This series includes:
  • A 6-week overview
  • Easy to use leaders notes
  • Ideas for a purposeful Playtime
  • Bible stories unpacked visually and with lots of participation.
  • Suggestions to help pre-schoolers talk and listen to God.
  • Worship incorporated into play, stories and prayer.
  • Resource lists