The Beginning (Pre-School)



The beginning of any story is important, and the Bible is no different. Genesis 1-3 tells us why we are here. We can point our youngest disciples to a God who created us out of love and for a purpose.

  • Week 1: Just God
  • Week 2: Light, sky, sea, land & plants
  • Week 3: Sun, moon & stars
  • Week 4: Fish, birds & animals
  • Week 5: Made in God’s image
  • Week 6: It all went wrong
This series includes:
  • A 6-week overview
  • Easy to use leaders notes
  • Ideas for a purposeful Playtime
  • Bible stories unpacked visually and with lots of participation.
  • Suggestions to help pre-schoolers connect with God.
  • Worship incorporated into play, stories and prayer.
  • Resource lists