Christmas 2021


The last 2 years have looked unlike any we have experienced before. However, a reading of the Christmas story in Luke 2 can reassure us.
  • Government legislation has been dictating what we do and where we go (the census, v1-3).
  • We have not been allowed to go into people’s houses (the inns were full, v7).
  • Many of us have been quarantined and felt alone or isolated (Jesus was born far from family and friends, v4-7).


God came to live with us on that first Christmas despite all the government legislation, shut doors and loneliness. He still does. Show kids how all these things did not stop God then, and they do not stop Him now. Whatever has happened over the last 2 years we can be certain God understands, it does not stop Him, He was God Immanuel then, and He still is now.


This content can be slotted into your usual Sunday morning or incorporated into a Christmas party. See @EquipEveryKid for more Christmas ideas and resources.